Sunday, January 24, 2010

SPRING COLLECTION : Hot Spring, Spring Break, Spring Blossom, Spring Fling !


Hot Spring by Ulta3 was lovely to use. Hot Spring became opaque in just the one coat, although i used two for this swatch just to ensure the colour was nice and bright. Hot Spring is a lovely deep hot pink, it's very pigmented and lovely and creamy. The formula glides on the nail and is a pleasure to apply. An absolute gem from Ulta3.


This divine royal shade of purple from Ulta3 has a slightly thinner thinner consistency than some of the other polishes in this set. It is not as creamy an opaque on the first coat as the others, on the second coat however it becomes nice and opaque. The swatches above are 3 coats. Spring Break is a very striking colour !! Love it


The first coat of Ulta3 Spring Blossom is a little streaky (keep in mind this is a yellow polish) during the next few coats though this disappears. The formula is a little thick but still nice and creamy. The shade is a nice lemony pastel... in theory i adore the colour but I'm afraid it make my skin tone a little red. The swatch above was 3 coats.


Ulta3 Spring Fling is a lovely shade of apricot, it has a similar consistency to Spring Break so it's not as creamy as the others. It took 3 coats for this polish to become Opaque. A nice refreshing colour, again the same as Spring Blossom not sure if it's for me but a lovely colour just the same.

More Ulta3 swatches coming SOON !!

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